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We provide three models to provide the best possible service to our clients

On-line Learning

(Do it Yourself)

On-Line Learning

uThe GeniusU platform owned and operated by Entrepreneurs Institute has a wide range of trainng materials called Microdegrees.  This material is all dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs to learn and grow.

Each Microdegree is supported by a community where questions can be asked, discussions can be held and like-minded people can be connected with.

Anatomic Consulting does not replicate this type of material and we encourage those who want a ‘do it yourself’ style of learning to use the platform and manage their learning at their own pace.

Family business

Coaching and Training

(Do it With You)

Coaching and Training

Our training courses and coaching services are created around the three models we support.  We hold public courses for start up Entrepreneurs and general or in-house workshops for those wishing to grow their existing business.

Where possible, we group attendees with people from similar backgrounds, locations or industries, so there is the ongoing community and relationships built to collaborate and support each other.

In-house training courses are also held for companies who wish to develop their teams.  This may be their leadership, project or operational teams and the content is adjusted accordingly.

Most popular is our High Performing Team Dynamics workshops, where we help the team appreciate the ‘gold’ they have within the team and how to use the expertise to grow the business and improve revenue.

Our Impact Dynamics facilitation workshops are also popular to provide businesses of all levels with frameworks to fast track their growth and achievement of goals.

Mentoring Services

(Do it For You)

Mentoring Services

Our mentoring services are tailored to each client and will consist of one-on-one mentoring either face to face or via Zoom.

The Mentoring services are often combined with our consulting services to address a particular problem or issue that has resulted in the engagement.

Mentoring will follow this engagement to support the leader(s).  This is particularly important to ensure all changes are sustained and the results are achieved and maintained.

Mentoring will use a wide range of tools and systems that have been proven to be effective and, in most cases, are used by Anatomic Consulting to run their own business.

Our mentoring services primaries are:

– Agile Leadership at all levels

– Start up mentoring

– Taking your business to the next level

– Career development

– Financial and cashflow management

– Organisational change

All our training is through Hands-On Workshops & Talks (in-person or remotely)

We are not theorists, we take the tools and systems and work along side our clients to implement them in a way that is tailored to their level of Entrepreneurship and the size of their Enterprise.

If delivering remotely, we use the latest software and techniques to make it an memorable experience for our customers.




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