Business Transformation is the steps an organisation goes through to develop a vision and transform into a new way of working.  There are many reasons why a business needs to transform, and it may be to remain competitive, to reduce expenses and increase profitability, as part of implementing the generational change or even to survive.

Business Transformation only happens when there is strong leadership, willing to make hard decisions!

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, a transformation has become an absolute necessity for some organisations so they can both survive and thrive.  Many are now forced to become digital and to embrace new technologies in a far shorter timeframe than they had planned.

Radial 1 has been involved with transforming businesses for over 20 years and has developed its own methodologies and frameworks to make the transition as straight-forward as possible with the least disruption to all people (stakeholders) involved.

Our approach is tailored to each customer and does not have to be months of work if appropriately planned. The quicker the transformation, the faster the organisation will see results.

To give you a snapshot of our overall framework, we have put together a short video to provide you with an overview, and to show that we can address most situations where transformation and business change needs to happen.

We never forget the people dynamics involved. Therefore it is achieved collaboratively and sensitively.